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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mobile Marketing is Coming to Town

Did you know that there are more than 6 BILLION Mobile users worldwide? In fact, mobile internet usage is expected to exceed desktop internet usage by 2014

Most people keep their mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times

People spend more time on their mobile devices than any other type of print media such as newspapers and magazines…  

We use our mobile devices for social networking, watch videos, read text messages, browse  websites, and more

Mobile Technology is GREAT, But It Has Caused Problems for Some Local Businesses…
The Web has changed the way consumers spend their money…
It has also changed the way your business can truly CONNECT with your local target market…

Traditional Advertising Methods Are No  Longer as Effective as They Once Were
So it’s time to market your business in a way that will cut advertising costs and get results!

Could mobile marketing be the missing piece of the puzzle for your small business?

With powerful tools such mobile websites, text message marketing, QR codes, and mobile apps, your business can utilize the power of mobile marketing to finally generate more leads, sales and customers

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Yuppies Prefer the Latest Savvier iPad Mini and Galaxy Note 2

Apple iPad mini sports a 7.9-inch screen and has a screen resolution of 1024X768 pixels. The Wi-Fi only variant of iPad mini will retail  around  at USD  $329. Apple start accepting  pre-orders for this table will start from October 26 and the Wi-Fi versions would begin shipping  from November 

Apple iPad mini will compete head on with Google's Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but surprising most  consumer  prefer to compare it against  the Samsung Note 2 Lte .  With Apple's iPad mini now finally out the door, some are already wondering how it fairs against other tiny tablets on the market. There are   many   who believe it will dominate the 7” category ,but ultimately , iPad Mini   behold  a stronger  competition from a wider broad range of  yuppies Gangnam style customer,  who prefer  mobility phtablet   than  just  a mini ipad .
While comparing it with other 7-inch slates is obvious, ( please see chart   below )  but we prefer  to make a brief comparison to  the world's most popular phablet - the Galaxy Note 2
Read on to find out all the details below!

Specification :
Apple's iPad mini runs on a Samsung A5 CPU and offer excellent use of the PowerVR GPU, which delivers solid gaming performance at reasonable temperatures, and the device has 1 GB of RAM.
The iPad mini comes in few different flavors: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The tablet also comes in black and white.
The Galaxy Note 2, is powered by the quad-core Exynos 4412 CPU, clocked at  speed of  1.6GHz. Its powerful GPU offers outstanding  gaming performance and the device gangnam at  1GB RAM.
Unlike the mini, the Galaxy Note features 16GB and 32GB with expandable storage capacity up go 64GB.

The Note 2 is  smaller in  screen size  and features a  5.5-inch HD display which operates at a pixel of 306PPI. That's quite a bit more of resolution pixel  than the 7.9-inch iPad mini screen . The Galaxy Note 2 has better viewing angles  The Note's display  lead to  offers better color saturation and brightness.  

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 is powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Jean. Android 4.1 is the most powerful version of Android yet and the easiest to use. The iPad mini runs Apple's all-new iOS 6 which is super-easy to use and has Passbook and several new, long-awaited software features.
One thing that will always work in Apple’s favor is its App Store, which offers hundreds of thousands of tablet apps. The Note 2 doesn't run tablet apps, but has still access to over 600,000 Android apps, frankly it is easier  to find free apps with samsung .

The Note 2 comes  with  all-new from and rear-facing shooters. The cameras are pretty good according to reports, and can record in 720p HD.  
Apple's iPad mini sports  a new rear iSight camera, and a secondary is a 2.0-megapixel front-facing camera that is capable of 720P video capture! The camera also features a five-element lens, which makes for good image quality  

 The devices are, in most areas, fairly evenly matched,  
While the iPad mini might seems  better but is available in a bigger basket of   tablet choices  .Galaxy Note @ is Niche  ,it should be called Galaxy Niche in comparison and therefore is a Phtablet.  They both offer an excellent experience,  The Note 2 exceed  in four categories. It's Android Jelly Bean platform had much to offer , the S-Pen features added to the Jelly Bean performance, along with the "revolutionary multi-windows and the reinvented screen rotation."Its  Gangnam style!!

source :

Windows 8 is true Multitasking  ,therefore  the Note 2  with  its powerful hardware, a 1.6GHz quad-core chip and 2GB of RAM  also  ensures multitasking features . It has 64GB of internal storage as well as an SD card for expandable memory.  Note 2  has a 3,100 mAh battery "that fits snuggle into everybody’s  pocket  or handbag  and is not heavy for its  size .

Monday, 27 August 2012

Enjoy Full Android experience complete with Google Play at Amazing value from Small Mini Android PC

Cheap Mini PC Make Smart TV

Streaming Multimedia to Your TV with Android  Mini PC ,Enjoy Full Android experience complete with Google Play at Amazing value from  Small Mini Android PC 
Android4.0 Mini PC, Google TV Box with WiFi, Google Android 4.0 TV Box Cortex A9

This is the smallest Android TV player in the world. It looks like a USB flash drive, twice as big as a USB stick, but compared to a regular small Android TV box, the size is only 25%. You can attach it to the back of your TV,

Browse all video websites; support Netflix, Hulu, Flixster, Youtube etc.
Apps download freely form android market, App store etc.
Local Media playback, support HDD, U-disk, SD card.
Support SKYPE video call, MSN, Facebook, twitter, QQ etc
Support WiFi hotpiont, could be as a wireless router
Support Email, office suite etc
Support DLNA function

CPU: Amlogic AML8726-M3 up to 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A9+ 1080P media+3D GPU
Memory: DDRIII 1GB
Flash: Nand Flash 4GB (up to 16GB)
WiFi: 802.11 b/g /n
3G: Support most 3G USB dongle
Material: ABS
Input and Output Ports: 
1*HDMI 1.3: up to 1920x1080 Resolution
1*USB: OTG host port
1*USB: HOST Host USB port
1*TF card reader: SD card interface, support 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB
Power: 100~220V AC Input, 5V DC Output 2A

OS: Google Android 4.0
Video: RM/RMVB, MPEG, MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, H.263, H.264, VC-1, DivX, Xvid, TS, RealVideo, VP6, VP8 up to 1080P support
Adobe Flash: Adobe Flash 10.1 support or above
Support language: 24 languages, English, Germany, Japanese, Korea, Chinese etc.
Accessories: HDMI cable, Power charger adapter, User Manual



  • Android4.0 Mini PC, Google TV Box with WiFi, Google Android 4.0 TV Box Cortex A9's details are as follow:
  • It outputs video to TV (with HDMI input) via HDMI (a HDMI cable is included).
  • It gets power through a USB cable (included); USB adapter (5V, 2A) is also included. Please tell us the plug pin mode compatible to your local socket; It also has no RGB port, no S-video port, no built-in IR, no built-in Bluetooth.
  • It has a regular USB port use to connect USB mouse or keyboard (mouse and keyboard are not included); It doesn't have an Ethernet port; you need to use WIFI to connect it to Internet.
  • It also has a micro USB port used to connect to PC. You can use it to copy files from your PC to this little guy; It also has a micro SD card slot. You can insert a micro SD card with up to 32GB of movie or pictures here.

Check out  for a wide range  of Android Mini PC at Smart Digital Media Paradise for  Your MiniPCbox

A. Brief Appearance Introduction

Mini Android PC TP05 TP10
  • HDMIPort: AV out and connect to TV/monitor
  • TF-CARD Port: can be expended by T-FLASH memory
  • Mini USB OTG: Contact to PC for data transfer and reinstall OS; It is a USB 2.0 Port if connect to USB convertor.
  • USB Host: For mouse, keyboard, external HDD, USB drive

B. Install and Initial Operation

  1. Picture  layout : compliment from

  2. Connect the TV or LED monitor by HDMI cable. Set Up the TV data receive mode to HDMI mode. (Please refer to TV / LED manual)
  3. It is recommended to use 2.4G wireless keyboard or mouse. Please plug 2.4G receiver in the USB Host (or USB OTG port by port converter). If plugged the mouse only, it shows built-in soft keyboard in the OS interface.  If plugged the physical keyboard, the soft keyboard will hide automatically.
  4.  The left key of the mouse stands for ”OK” and the right key ”Back/Return”.  Rolling the mouse is for” Page up/down” and long press the left key is to drag the icon, copy/paste the file.  Hold the middle button is for properties.
  5. You can also connect it to HDMI Projector.

C. OS Interface Introduction

Android OS Interface
1. Connect to the power adaptor and the booting information shows up within 1 min.
2. Hold any icon in the main menu and drag it to the position you want.
3. To delete it, please hold the icon and drag to the red “×”. This iron will be removed.
4. Status Bar: On the right bottom coner, you can find status bar. From left to right, they stands for T-Flash card, USB connect status, time, wifi, download info etc.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs | Make Money from Doing what You Love and Passionate with ,Profit Even in Tough times

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Make Money from Doing what You Love and Passionate with ,Profit Even in Tough times

Lifestyle entrepreneurs  are  usually people  who venture  into business  for pursuing   lifestyle reasons, rather than  with the desire  for massive  financial  gain . They will  try to venture  into business initially  so they can enjoy  kind of work  which  they have passion with , work based on flexible hours , live how  they prefer , and engage   with people they like and admire or model  .
They usually have the strong belief  of  making a living  doing  something  they  have interest with passion  , giving  them more opportunities  which  let them  display  their high  degree of expertise and talent .This  same factor  is  also  driving    many entrepreneurs to the decision to start their own business. It usually involves long hours, especially when starting out, but a great deal of flexibility as well. 

It is known  than  more people are turning to entrepreneurship to support the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of  and recent stats  have shown   that  money is  not the only  driver for very few small entrepreneurs and self-employed people instead many entrepreneurs  express  that their   desire for independence prompted them to become entrepreneurs.  Other payoff or benefits  could  mean  they  can  enjoy  the motivation  to be  able organize their time  and  working only when they feel like it . Others choose to become a lifestyle entrepreneur to work from   home with their young children  or  for some other specific  reason  but  Mostly, they want to do the kind of work that they love.
“ Even so , a lifestyle  entrepreneur  can  works for New comers  who lack the experience  in doing  business , It is also a  honest  way to make a living."  Youth entrepreneurship may starts  off  from here and especially  young internet marketers  , Instead of  striving  for business  with   investment  while lacking of  experience ,  Youth  entrepreneurship  may start off   with  similar  motivation of the lifestyle entrepreneur ,which   could  be  the   desire to work for themselves, learn  and earn and run a business that would fit around their lifestyles and ages .
Every Business  requires all the components of any successful start-up - a business plan, financial  funding, a niche product or service a  good perspective  mindset  and  also a vibrant market  to work on . ."To make it work, Youth  entrepreneurs need to enables others and the community to make positive life choices which allows them to maximize their potentials. They have the ability to learn, reinforce and practice to apply skills which is necessary to their development. It also helps them to reach out to positive academic, career, and personal goals to meet social competence, it is their gateway to a desired  “ Preferred Lifestyle “

The New Digital media engages youths and challenges them academically. Thus, helps to foster their abilities to express themselves and life-long learning. Journey of a thousand miles, begins with the First Step. So start off “First Step” as a Lifestyle  Entrepreneurs   and get a copy of the  New Book -
“Blogging by Million, Earn By Millions.”

This book inspire prospective young entrepreneurs to learn modern methods in online marketing and entrepreneurship skills and enable them to tackle the problem of unemployment by equipping them with internet marketing skill to take up income generating projects with New ideas 

Kindle _Blogging By Million 

Entrepreneurship starts young and as mentioned it will require much time to nurture with good attitude and entrepreneurship skills . A Good perception is needed to inspire youth that entrepreneurship is a strong opportunity for young people that they must be nurtured with while gain experience, self-esteem, and employability and create wealth.

All business start small before they get to grow . Entrepreneurship has been all the while been linked with being adventurous , ambition, dynamism, innovation , and a thriving enthusiastic spirit , But beyond that , However, there are only a few who are Not afraid to fail , who can sell ideas and turn them into profits, these few are the ones called entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the process of trying out New ideas ,creating product or New services and assuming the role in
organizing, managing, and absorbing the risks, Not afraid of failure and enjoying the rewards of a business. Most people see entrepreneurship as the opportunity to pursue the dream of working for themselves. For many, it’s not always about the money, but rather, about the passion and the challenge. 

What would stimulate youth entrepreneurship? 

Start with a good old Lao Tzu’s saying 

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. - Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime" ………………..this famous quote is the best saying even for present societies which can inspire Youth to live by in order to promote them to become Young entrepreneurs.

Make Entrepreneurship an “Welcome “ option for young people. In many countries entrepreneurship is not perceived as a viable option for young people seeking employment. Main reasons are because of the following stigma 

Many families put much focus on earning wages rather than creating wealth as they have the perception that a good qualifications will guarantee people to be employed . Therefore this cause the expectation that if the family effort to help young people get a degree is not realized , will deem the youth’s future. Thus it has become a stigma to present societies around the world .

Another major stigma is Failure . The fear of failure is a strong discouragement to starting your own business. Entrepreneurship is not valued in many societies with high esteem as it is not similar to working with a Government agency or with a large corporation .

 Therefore potential young entrepreneurs are usually tend to be more risk averse and are less afraid of the financial and social costs of failure as they out weigh both the the benefits of success over failure

What would stimulate youth entrepreneurship? 
Capitalize on Social Media and networking and create good PR campaign to instill entrepreneur ideals for the Youth 

2. Ensure that education system is tailored relevant to the needs of young people to find decent and productive work. . This education should start from early school days through vocational training, universities and business incubation for young entrepreneurs. Pursue the need for developing the skills and attitudes that make up an entrepreneurial mindset for the Youth 
3 . Encourage entrepreneurial activities by promoting the concept of entrepreneurship and self-employment as well as training for entrepreneurs.

4 Reduce the fear of failure and boost perception of the value of entrepreneurs to society. Ensure the value to the economy of entrepreneurship and wealth creation is well understood by everyone involved in training, education and working with young people

5. Identify Role Models and champions from among young people and successful entrepreneurs. Persuade experienced business people to promote self-employment as a genuine career option for young people.

6. Create prestigious awards to celebrate the success of entrepreneurs

The opportunities available to an entrepreneur are totally unlimited which is most encouraging ,and now with the recent introduction of New Media technology , it offers Globalization opportunities for all whom dared to implement new ideas online 

The Internet Millionaire Mind-set-Good perspective can Generate Millions for everybody through the internet

The Internet  Millionaire System  Mind-set
How Correct Mind-set and attitude with a good perspective can generate millions for  everybody  through the internet

Many subjects relevant to life and living are not taught in school. One of them is ‘How to Get Rich’.

When you work for someone else, your salary is determined by your employer ; a portion of that salary will have to be used to pay annual taxes, for rent , for transportation and yet another for daily expenses. Eventually, you will he left with just enough for your food for the month.

“Entrepreneurs, on the other hand think for themselves. They learn to maximize their manpower or facilities while they supervise to gain income from the work done by others, and enjoy the profits that this brings in. They work to build wealth and not just to earn an income.” 

It is True  that many have ambitions to be their own boss, they  are eager   and much willing  to strive , they’ll work, save up, and  hope to eventually achieve the dream. But only a few will  truly set their determination  to achieve  their ambition ,many  people short-change themselves along  the  way  with lack of confidence  and finally  resign to mediocrity  blaming on fate  but  fail to understand   that   the biggest Challenge to Starting Your own business is actually Themselves .

Blogging By  Million ,Earn By Million ,
 the   ebook by  Laura  Maya  has   been crafted  to bring   on Youth Inspiration to Entrepreneurship  .The ebook since it publication released in 2007 meant to provide readers  with a clear overview of Internet marketing through blogging and social networking and also the steps to help potential entrepreneurs to  succeed in cyberspace. In addition, entrepreneurs  will learn how to use the World Wide Web to your advantage and get an insight into the exciting world of the Internet. Practice what you learn  from the  blogging and internet marketing  contents  and  entrepreneuers  will learn how to be  able to sell your products online, as well as get into affiliate marketing through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and make tonnes of money in the process. Once you have perfected your business set-up, it will pretty much run itself with little maintenance, and you have all time and financial freedom you ever need.

Entrepreneur s  will gained  confidence because most  of them lack the know how  to  approach  the Internet online  platform  and this ebook  believes  in equipping all potential  with the entrepreneurial  mindset and winning strategies for  successful entrepreneurs, so you have the confidence to realise your dream  with  using  the latest Online Marketing  Strategies s  to boost  their business .

Always  work  out a business plan and focus to build  your  winning business Ideas that will work for You .With so many   media  and information easily available online ,get started  to try  out  your New idea  by  modelling concepts and  make it work  based on proper business planning 

Know  your core interest , skill  and   your business   niche  and design a winning strategy within  your financial capacity   and focus your  strengths  and learn  how to establish  revenue stream and  know your competitors   in order to perform well  to succeed   in your business
It is  true  that  that  under  normal  business venture  ,many people  plan to quit their  full time job to start a business but  if you  plan  to be an online  entrepreneur, this  ebook  offer   strategies for you to kick-start your entrepreneurial ambitions while still keeping your day Job

 “Change Your Perspective and you will change your life. Do Not be a slave to the internet . Capitalize on it instead to make money online . Start blogging by Million and you will earn by millions, Yes it is possible , Not immediate but  over the years and you will find millions as long as you stay focused with  this perspective” .LM

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Start Winning the Backlink Battle and stop Worrying about having your website knocked out of their ranking again!

 Remember the good old days when backlinking was as easy as:
·         Blog Commenting
·         Social Bookmarking
·         Building Simple Linkwheels with sites like Squidoo and Hubpages
·         Submitting Your RSS Feed To Directories
·         Creating Profiles on High PR Community Sites
·         Mass Submission To Article Sites & Blog Networks  
But then  
 GOOGLE  GAVE  A  BIG  SLAP ,and  CHANGE  ITS ALGORITHM and  starts to change  the Serach  Engine Ranking  system with  new factors  which may cause the following :-  

·         Blog Commenting may get overrun  by spamming software
·         Social Bookmarking has high  possibility   to get slapped for being a numbers game due to automation
·         Linkwheels chances  of getting slapped  is very high for being too obviously self serving
·         RSS Feed Directories may also  get  slapped for being link farms 
·         High PR Profile Backlinking became a victim of it's own problematic  rise
·         Article Sites & Blog Networks is  being strongly monitored and  also will most  probably  to  get  slapped as having predictable footprints

Thus  meeting all Online Marketers  SEO goals though backlinking has never been more challenging than before , or even  more necessary...A lot of marketers  have started using expensive monthly services that promise to build up to  thousands backlinks every month using  all kind of  backlinking  methods, bet even these SEO services are having more and more trouble keeping the backlinks indexed so that their customers get the results they expect. 

Power SEO Ranker 

The Whole Scenario   has therefore brings us around to asking the question that so many marketers  are struggling with right now:
"What should online Marketer   do about backlinking for SEO when even the SEO professionals are banging  their head against  the  Wall  in frustration?"

Staying current enough with Google New   updates to do your backlinking is a tough job  and marketers  are still looking for the best solution to  keep their  product pages  or   main sites up to date with Google  acceptable content  while moving ahead with your new projects.

Fortunately, it isn't as hopeless as it sounds.  Allow us to let you in on a little secret:
Google wants what Google has always wanted!  
They've just gotten constantly better at filtering out what they don't want!
Google wants backlinks as part of unique content and social media & bookmarking involvement that shows interaction with your site and your content across multiple channels.  And they  want Marketer  to respect  more White Hat SERP

Which we all know is actually not at all realistic either.

The answer to this dilemma?

Let Us Do It For You With


Power SEO Ranker

Google has now made it almost impossible to build back links manually, With the recent Panda and Penguin updates it now makes it very time consuming and  if marketers  have  to build high quality, relevant , page rank baclink it would take you months to build just 1 profitable website especially  if they  insist  to use blackhat  method
This is why 95% of people are failing building an online business, they are not doing things the white hat preferred method.

Why White-That Methods Will Bring You More Profits!

Our Software gives Google exactly what they want so that you can rank on page once and never have to worry about being knocked out of your search engine ranking again.

There are only a few ways left to rank your websites higher in the search engines!

This has made the process simpler to understand because there is only one way left go!

Power SEO Ranker, white-hat Software will help You build the following back links from:

-          Relevant Forums
-          Relevant Blogs
-          Relevant Competitors Back Links
-          Relevant Edu & Gov Links
-          Relevant Squidoo Lenses
-          Relevant Wikipedia Pages

This Method Strengthens Your website and Increases Your Traffic to feed the Panda and Penguin Increases Your Traffic to feed the Panda and Penguin So That You’ve giving them the right back links.

These methods will build and secure your Websites Ranking for the long term!

If you are tired of getting slapped around by Google then scroll down and buy power SEO Ranker to start Building a long term Profitable business.

Increase Traffic Now With
Power SEO Ranker!

The Most Powerful Back Linking Software on The Internet Today!

A New Secret Weapon

You do Not start building High quality relevant back Link You will continue to struggle building a solid online business for you and your clients.

Start Winning the Battle and stop Worrying about having your website knocked out of their ranking again!

The  PowerSEO Ranker  includes parts of each and every one of the methods listed above, but structured to be truly without footprint to avoid the dreaded slap.  
And since there is no discernible pattern, the risk of deindexing is little to nothing.  Our automation techniques are so unique that even the creators of the tools used aren't aware of them.  
Nothing about this service is the least bit Black Hat.  It is designed to mimic truly organic growth of content and backlink syndication.